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Located in the Nanshan District Science and Technology Park in Shenzhen, Anxun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is deeply involved in the field of precision medicine and health, research and development of upstream core technologies, manufacturing and manufacturing next-generation gene sequencing and diagnostic high-end equipment, and providing complete industrial solutions. The company has R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute. It has been supported by the Shenzhen Peacock Project and the Nanshan Pilot Program, and has been funded by the world's top venture capital institutions.

The company is led by a number of Silicon Valley continuous entrepreneurs, multinational group executives, senior engineers and scientists. The team has a wealth of experience in creating high-tech companies, managing, operating, developing companies and successfully achieving listings or mergers and acquisitions. Technically, the team has covered a wide range of disciplines for molecular diagnostics and gene sequencing, including integrated circuits, semiconductors, biochemistry, organic chemistry, surface physics, microfluidics, physical chemistry, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. field. Only the core members have obtained more than 100 authorized patents in the United States, and a number of patents are pending.

Molecular diagnostics is the fastest growing branch of in vitro medical diagnosis and is a key technology in the world of “precise medical planning”. The gene sequencer has become an important part of clinical diagnosis and is an inevitable condition for the development of the in vitro diagnostic industry. An Xunyuan independently develops intelligent biochips and platforms that are world-leading and can be widely used in various fields of gene sequencing and molecular diagnostics. Based on this platform, Anxun has launched a complete solution for miniaturization, automation, low cost, high throughput and high sensitivity for rapid detection, which can quickly combine advanced circulating tumor cells and free circulating genetic detection to serve high-speed development. The non-invasive prenatal and oncology diagnostic market.

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